Which marketing channels should I choose to present my artwork?

still life with pomegranates

There is something magical about getting winter wear from the attic once it really starts to get cold. Selecting the best scarfs and bonnets, I imagine knitting a whole bunch of new ones with the beautiful yarns that have been gathering dust since my children were born. I even take a moment to picture my children with cozy jumpers full of intricate patterns, all made by me. Impossible as these plans are, because I don’t have time to execute them, I do enjoy a little fantasizing every now and then.
I’ve long been dreaming about living in a small house with a very large garden. Harvesting the cherries from our own fruit trees, taking the eggs from our chickens, telling my son to go and feed the rabbits and my daughter to fetch me some lettuce from the vegetable patch. Oh, and don’t forget the garden is full of cascades of flowers, of course.
Something inside of me thinks I am destined to get it one time or another and the many hours of visualizing this place have made it almost tangible.
However, trying to navigate the art world in order to achieve my dream, I feel clueless what to do. Which marketing channels should I choose to present my artwork?

Personally, the traditional way of working with a gallery does appeal to me, for the simple reason that I’m not one to spend hours a day online ‘being entrepreneurial’. Also, I like the physicality of it.
After doing some research on the web I found that the gallery world if often presented as a minefield of possible missteps for the artist, missteps that could ruin your reputation. I wonder how much of this is true?

Could it really be that you would be looked down upon as a decorative artist when you’d try to vary your income streams by selling art prints? When you offer an insight to your work and mind on a YouTube channel, does that mean you harm the mystery around yourself as an artist? I would say not.
I do not claim to know about all existing galleries, but in my little work experience I enjoyed informal and pleasant communication with gallerists. 

Where do my art and I stand? Surely my paintings cannot be called contemporary, but they are not classical either. Some plein air ones and still lives might have affinity with impressionistic work, but my latest ones painted largely from imagination are hard to categorize. Galleries might look for a strong consistency and clear recurring patterns in an artist’s oeuvre, but people might not see the thing that glues my work together. I see it, but that’s not important. Is it? 

With the arrival of a frosty and snowy winter and the special atmosphere of festivities, the last thing I’d like to do is worry about my existence as a painter and focus on the uninspiring world of marketing. What ways and places are there to present your art online?
But it is inevitable: most of us already look at the future and make plans to do things different than they did in 2023. We forget that the present is still here and it’s not so bad. It’s just as it should be, after all.

So, I hereby finish this last blogpost of this year keeping my plans for 2024 to myself, for now, but stating all that I’m happy about right now. Will you join me?
I’m grateful for the fact I get to spend much time with my family and children, who I love more than anything.
I’m happy that my mind is always full of creative ideas and that I have the power to visualize them, making them feel real.
I have so much freedom in my work, to express myself however I want. I love that.
Finally, I never thought to live in a place surrounded by friends and I am thankful that I am now.

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