Artistic process

A new way of looking: directional lines

Months have passed since I posted the first article of A new way of looking, my blog series about the secrets of drawing. If you haven’t read it, please do, because it contains information essential to the understanding of today’s blogpost. To draw everything around us objectively, we must learn to see beyond the tangible …

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Escape from Corsica

I’m writing the draft for this blogpost laying on a sun-bleached beach towel between blooming anemones and forget-me-nots, having a hard time not falling asleep, because that’s what always happens when I’m embraced by the sun. Though it feels like I’m still in the South of Europe, I’m really back in the North of the …

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Escape to Corsica

Sardinia, whose breathtaking beauty I was blessed to know during my childhood, is often on my mind. I consider myself a fortunate person, having discovered many of its treasures at a young age. I will never forget foraging for wild asparagus with my family, looking for bocconi (sea snails) and limpets between the rough rocks …

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