Needing change

Yes, this really is a new blogpost. After almost two years of absence here I am writing again, instead of sharing my artistic process on YouTube only. The truth is

A new way of looking: directional lines

Months have passed since I posted the first article of A new way of looking, my blog series about the secrets of drawing. If you haven’t read it, please do,

The birth of a new life

Life can be just like a mountain brooklet, transforming quite abruptly from what seems to be an endless peaceful and almost monotonous flow of water to a quick fall, on

drawing of girl at table

A new way of looking: two mindsets

In my most recent blogpost I wrote about how I came to favour the power of abstraction above the rendering of details in art. In my opinion, learning how to

drawing of courgette plant

The power of abstraction

My love for details began at a very young age and until some years ago  I couldn’t imagine drawing being any fun without them. Whatever I drew as a little

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