Although I started out painting exclusively alla prima from life, I now explore oils and watercolor in my figurative work, combining both observation and imagination.
Influenced by my childhood in Sardinia, I developed a sensitiveness for colour, which is abundantly present in the rough island landscape. 
Since I became a mother a few years ago, I rediscovered my innate urge to see beyond appearances and show the magic that happens when senses meet the inner world.
In a society that urges us more often than not to see what is wrong and ugly about the world, I want to invite people to look at the beauty of little things with amazement, as a child would do. 

For me, the beauty of little things can be found in many subjects: a walk in de woods with my children when autumn brings a magical atmosphere, a few drops of sunlight falling on a table in the shade, the glinstering scales of the fish at the fishmonger or drinking tea with almond cookies in the afternoon. 


artist at work

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