Nice of you to take a look at my writings!
In here I share my artistic process, my struggles and triumphs, my thoughts and dreams through the written word, which I’ve always loved just as much as the language of paint and pencils.

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Latest blogposts

The power of positive thinking

With my children, looking at the poetic lines of Snowdonia’s green hills, I have a vision of us living in a place of such beauty,

EArly blossom

As the bus drives past the silvery leafed birch trees along the way to Groningen, I see that some trees have yet to unfold their

Reality and Imagination

Everything is still on this Monday morning. The beauty of the frosty winter days was not to last, instead I feel the droplets of dew

A new year

I am walking the same round I always walk, I see the same houses, the same trees and bushes. But as the low winter sun

Needing change

Yes, this really is a new blogpost. After almost two years of absence here I am writing again, instead of sharing my artistic process on

Enjoying watercolours

After Efisio was born I have been in the habit of taking daily walks, hoping it would help my body recover from the pregnancy and

The birth of a new life

Life can be just like a mountain brooklet, transforming quite abruptly from what seems to be an endless peaceful and almost monotonous flow of water

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