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I finally had the courage to start recording myself and my painting process in order to make video’s for YouTube.

About me

Born in Groningen in 1993, I now live in Warffum, a small and quiet village in the north of the Netherlands.
When the weather doesn’t allow me to paint outdoors, I work in my studio in the city centre of Groningen.
Though many different subjects make me want to grab my brushes and oils,
nature is my biggest source of inspiration and trying to capture its changing beauty is what I like to do the most.
Since I’ve lived on the isle Sardinia as a child, I have a special preference for its rough landscape
and I try to go there a month a year to immerse myself in its variety of colours.
To keep improving my artistic skills beyond the plein-air painting, I’ve started challenging new projects
which combine both working from imagination and observation.
Inspired by my childhood fantasies and pushed by my husband, I’m making my first picture book.

Your Portrait
painted by me

Would you like me to paint your portrait or that of a loved one? Prices start at €2500 for an oil painting of 60x40cm without the frame. I would need one live painting session and I can finish the rest of the painting using a photo reference. 
Are you a fan of my quick portrait studies from life? You can now have your own portrait painted in only two hours for €500. Because it is quickly painted, you must not expect the result to have the same level of refinement and likeness as the more expensive portrait. Interested? Send an e-mail to 

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