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About me

Born in Groningen in 1993, I now live in Warffum, a small and quiet village in the north of the Netherlands.
When the weather doesn’t allow me to paint outdoors, I work in my spacious studio in the city centre of Groningen.
Though many different subjects make me want to grab my brushes and oils,
nature is my biggest source of inspiration and trying to capture its changing beauty is what I like to do the most.
Since I’ve lived on the isle Sardinia as a child, I have a special preference for its rough landscape
and I try to go there a month a year to immerse myself in its variety of colours.
To keep improving my artistic skills beyond the plein-air painting, I’ve started a challenging new project
that combines both working from imagination and observation.
Inspired by my childhood fantasies and pushed by my husband, I’m writing my first children’s book,
which is the basis for a special series of very big paintings.


Do you want to know more about my drawing and painting technique? Or would you like to learn how to approach a specific painting subject, like flowers, portraits or landscapes? Join one of my art courses and I’ll tell you everything I know!  Because all of my students are from the Netherlands, the information about the courses is in Dutch as are the lessons. If you are interested in following one of my art classes, but you don’t speak Dutch, please leave a message and we’ll discuss the possibilities! 

Kijk op kleur

 Painting course about colour


Short workshops with a specific theme



I’m looking for a new place to paint and teach. These are the requirements:
– it should be min. 40 m2, but preferably bigger than that
– for a good ventilation, I should be able to open at least two windows
– it should have a high ceiling, because I make very big paintings
– since I work exclusively from life, there should be plenty of daylight
– it should be private, so no sharing!
– I’m looking for something between Warffum and Groningen

The rent doesn’t necessarily have to be extremely low.
Do you know something that would fit my needs? Please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to or  leave a message at the bottom of this page. Thank you!